About Bill Golden: Tax Lien Investing and Real Estate on eBay and more... No need for complaints about your finances. Bill Golden can help you get started as a tax lien investor; by giving you his guide: Tax Lien Investing 101.

Entrepreneur, Author & Peak Performance Strategist

For the past 10 years, Bill Golden has served as an adviser and Professional coach to leaders and investors around the country. A recognized authority on tax lien investing, Bill has personally acquired tax lien investments on tax sale property valued over $125 million dollars in assessed values. He wholesales real estate on eBay and to private investors.

  • Bill's desire to coach others is only surpassed by his Love for GOD and his wife Beth and six precious children.
  • Resulting from a proven track record, Bill was nominated to be on the tax lien speakers’ panel by Equity Trust Company. Bill’s love for God and his desire to help people, lead to his evangelizing and professional speaking around the country. 
  •  All-in-all, as a recognized authority in organizational turnaround, goal achievement and entrepreneurship, he has been honored by Members of Congress and others for his strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavors.

Author & Entrepreneur:

Bill Golden is an author and developer of investing and entrepreneurship courses. He has created a system of total immersion...that produces the education, strategies, and momentum for measurable and lasting change. 

At this point in his life, Bill Golden has no complaints. He has a desire to pay his Blessings forward!
He has
made his investing secrets available, through a professional series of live and in person investor workshops, training manuals, live satellite training and personal one-on-one coaching. Bill lives an extraordinary life, but he's just like you. If Bill can do it...so can you!

We do not teach investing…we create investors. Our members become equipped to meet their own investment needs; while having the opportunity of Partnering  with Bill Golden.

In short, we do not provide a do nothing and get rich program. Not every member will make money. However, members who make money get educated and successfully apply what they learn.

We offer professional investor and entrepreneur courses to better enable you to achieve financial independence. We take this responsibility serious...you must step up and get serious too. Become a member, network with other investors, get educated and take actio
n. Welcome aboard!

Live Your Life with Passion,

Bill Golden